Monday, February 23, 2009

yup it's that time again, Not Me! Monday!

Okay ladies and gentleman it's time again for Not Me! Monday. If you are interested in what Not Me! Monday! is all about and would like to see what other people did not do this week, head over to MckMama's blog and check it out!

I did not tell my husband it's time to start trying for another baby, Nope! Not Me! what mother of a 4 month old baby wants another one already?

I did not convince my husband we need a minivan already when we only have 1 child! Nope! Not Me!

I did not give in and give my son a bottle of formula after listening to him scream for 2 hours because he didn't want to nurse. Nope! Not Me!

I did not tell my baby last night that if he didn't go to bed soon he was going to have to cry it out by himself in his room... hey it was only 11:30 pm! Nope! Not Me! (and no I never did this... I can't let my baby cry himself to sleep!)

I did not look at buying a Wii yesterday at Sam's Club and seriously consider it! Nope! Not me!

I did not completely ignore the dishes all weekend and now have a huge pile to do. Nope! Not me!

I did not decide I'm not doing anymore laundry until I get my new washer and dryer on Wednesday. Nope! Not me!

I did not go to Sear's yesterday and pick up some shelves to hang in Landyn's room when nothing else is hung in his room yet, Nope! Not me! Who would do such a silly thing?

I am not sitting here watching Good Day Wisconsin on Fox 11 eating a White Chedder Rice Cake and bouncing my son in his bouncer so he stays asleep. Nope! Not Me!

I did not dig my maternity pants back out of the closet because I plan on wearing them today. They are soo much more comfortable! I can't wait to get a BFP so I can wear them for a reason! Nope! Not Me!

I did not go out looking for new sleepers for Landyn because I think the ones he has are ugly. Nope! Not me!

I did not invite myself to my mom's house for dinner tonight! Nope! Not Me!

I did not cry when I started going through Landyn's clothes and weeding out the too small stuff! Nope! Not Me!

I do not let me son sleep with me after he wakes up around 3 to eat because I'm to lazy to take him back to his bed Nope! Not me!

I did not let Landyn cry for a couple of minutes this morning because I was waiting for Ryan to get out of the shower so he could change Landyn's diaper! Nope! Not Me!

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  1. i love your list!! and yes i am close to you. you did not creep me out at all. it'd take a lot more than that...i actually live about a half hour from appleton, in chilton. but am in appleton...ALL THE TIME! dance class, chiropractor visits, drs, the mall. etc etc etc. we bought our mini van after having only one baby. i think you should buy a wii. it is fun. i also am still wearing my maternity pants, they are more comfortable, PLUS i feel the secret fit ones help pull up the baby flab belly i've got happening. i do not think you're crazy at all for wanting another baby...but this is coming from someone who also would love another baby there are two crazies out there who think about other babies while having a four month old. okay. sorry to ramble. hope to get to know you better!!! :0)