Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Vehicle

So I've been saying for awhile I wanted a minivan, basically since I got pregnant with Landyn. Well if everything works out money wise we will be purchasing a brand new 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. We test drove it last night and I'm IN LOVE!!!!!!! It's silver. It's soo much better than my 2001 Dodge Stratus which we will be selling or trading in. Even the Durango is nice but I need more room and I really really don't like having to basically throw my stroller in since the Durango sits so high! Ahh I can't wait! Okay gotta end this now Landyn is awake and the babysitting kids want a snack!

Monday, February 23, 2009

yup it's that time again, Not Me! Monday!

Okay ladies and gentleman it's time again for Not Me! Monday. If you are interested in what Not Me! Monday! is all about and would like to see what other people did not do this week, head over to MckMama's blog and check it out!

I did not tell my husband it's time to start trying for another baby, Nope! Not Me! what mother of a 4 month old baby wants another one already?

I did not convince my husband we need a minivan already when we only have 1 child! Nope! Not Me!

I did not give in and give my son a bottle of formula after listening to him scream for 2 hours because he didn't want to nurse. Nope! Not Me!

I did not tell my baby last night that if he didn't go to bed soon he was going to have to cry it out by himself in his room... hey it was only 11:30 pm! Nope! Not Me! (and no I never did this... I can't let my baby cry himself to sleep!)

I did not look at buying a Wii yesterday at Sam's Club and seriously consider it! Nope! Not me!

I did not completely ignore the dishes all weekend and now have a huge pile to do. Nope! Not me!

I did not decide I'm not doing anymore laundry until I get my new washer and dryer on Wednesday. Nope! Not me!

I did not go to Sear's yesterday and pick up some shelves to hang in Landyn's room when nothing else is hung in his room yet, Nope! Not me! Who would do such a silly thing?

I am not sitting here watching Good Day Wisconsin on Fox 11 eating a White Chedder Rice Cake and bouncing my son in his bouncer so he stays asleep. Nope! Not Me!

I did not dig my maternity pants back out of the closet because I plan on wearing them today. They are soo much more comfortable! I can't wait to get a BFP so I can wear them for a reason! Nope! Not Me!

I did not go out looking for new sleepers for Landyn because I think the ones he has are ugly. Nope! Not me!

I did not invite myself to my mom's house for dinner tonight! Nope! Not Me!

I did not cry when I started going through Landyn's clothes and weeding out the too small stuff! Nope! Not Me!

I do not let me son sleep with me after he wakes up around 3 to eat because I'm to lazy to take him back to his bed Nope! Not me!

I did not let Landyn cry for a couple of minutes this morning because I was waiting for Ryan to get out of the shower so he could change Landyn's diaper! Nope! Not Me!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 month pictures

So I haven't gotten to do any editing of these pictures but here ya go... your weekly dose of cuteness!

Sleep or lack there of

Okay so apprently my little man is going through his 4 month growth spurt a couple of weeks early! We went to the doctor last week Thursday for an ear infection and it cleared up really quickly with a dose of antibiotics. Problem is he just kept crying even though his ears were clear. I finally figured out he just wants to eat at lest once an hour! Granted this has done wonders for my supply which I am very grateful for but getting about 8 hours of sleep total in a 48 hour period does not work for me! Landyn hasn't had a bottle of formula or juice since Monday, which to some might seem like no big deal but to a mom who has even tried prescription medicine to get my supply up, which I had a very very bad reaction too, this is the best thing that can happen! Landyn is back to being a normal pooper so no more suppositories in this house!!! I will post updated pictures very soon!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Okay so it's been a week since I posted but it's been a busy one... well here goes!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week!

I did not visit a Coach Outlet yesterday and spend $142 on a purse and wallet. Nope not me! I would never spend our hard earned money on something as unimportant as a purse!

I did not spend oodles of money this weekend eating out with my husband while leaving Landyn with my mom... nope not me! (We plan on doing more of this so get ready for more babysitting mom!)

I did not put my son in a swim diaper and stick his feet in cold water just to see his face and get pictures. Nope not me!

Instead of cleaning my house and doing laundry I'm not sitting here writing this post. nope not me!

Again like last week, I am not sitting at my computer writing this blog while my son cries in the swing... nope not me!

I so did not finish the last 5 cookies tonight after eating 2 rice cakes and some ranch oyster crackers... nope not me!

I did not go out and buy a bag of Huggies diapers at Wal-Mart last night because I didn't want to use the stupid Luv's diapers I had in the diaper bag. Nope not me!

I did not bring my laptop with me on vacation to a place that had 3 indoor waterparks as well as an arcade, a indoor play area, an indoor minigolf, oodles of restaurants, and some amazing hotel rooms just so I could keep up with facebook and all the blogs I follow. Nope not me!

I did not buy Landyn a $14 outfit at the Gap when he already has about 30 outfits he has yet to wear that probably don't fit because he NEEDED it! Nope not me!

okay there are lots more things I did not do this weekend but I have to go tend to the beaner...

Monday, February 9, 2009

My very first Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I so did not sit down in the middle of American (appliance store), pull my shirt up and nurse my son in their glider rockers after seeing they had a chair in the bathroom for this very reason! nope not me! and for sure I wouldn't have done it twice in one week!

I did not turn around on the lake this weekend while 4 wheeling to see my husband on the ground and the tires to his upside down 4 wheeler spinning and say, "I hope you don't think this gets out of getting up with the baby tonight!" all before asking him if he's okay... nope not me!

Today when I opened a package from Thristies and so did not put the new diaper cover on over Landyn's sleeper, just to see how it looked. Nope not me!

I did not go to Sam's Club just to pick up a box of Swedish Fish and a box of Laffy Taffys, nope not me!

I also did not bonk Landyn in the head with the toy bar on his bouncer while trying to take it off and completely freak out. I most certainly did not call my mom and make her leave dinner and come over and call Ryan at work and make him leave to. Not me, I would never do such a thing!

And lastly I am not sitting on my couch eating a Laffy Taffy and listening to my son scream his pretty little head off in the swing because he's tired. Nope. Not Me!