Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Names

Well we are trying to figure out baby names... it's harder with the second I think because we are not sure if we want to stay with another "L" name or not. My mom did, Kelli and my bro Keith. Ryans mom did (although she just liked the names) Ryan and Rebecca. Since our baby names are not family related at all we were thinking about staying with another L name to keep some sort of tradition... I can't decide and Ryan isn't any help at all! (but what man is??) okay onto the names!

If we stay with another L name:
Boy- Liam Alexander
Girl- Lillianna (Lilly or Anna) Rachel

If we don't stay with L names:
Boy- Aadyn William, Keaghan Alexander (not sure how i want to spell it but will not be the "normal" way)
Girl- Ryleigh Olivia, Adleigh Rose, Ella Ryleigh

So for now that's the list. Landyn would have been Ryleigh Olivia so that name is still top of my list but depending on if we stay with the L names or not... I know this seems like a little detail to everyone else but to me it's a hard decision!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

baby #2 aka Peanut!

Well I calculated my due date, Baby #2 aka Peanut, is due to arrive around February 8th, 2010. If history repeats itself i should be induced around 38 weeks which would be the week of January 25th. I scheduled my first appointments, which are next week Wednesday for a meeting with the nurse, bloodwork and pee in a cup and then I meet with the doctor the next morning. Which happens to be the day before my best friend Rachel's weddding, which i'm in! It will be a crazy week but I'm soo looking forward to it!

This pregnancy was a bit of a suprise to us but a very welcome suprise. We hadn't been preventing since about 2 months after Landyn was born, the mini pill wouldn't work very well if i was only taking it every other day! (if that!) We trusted that there is always a plan for everything and God would not give us more than we could handle. In the beginning of May Ryan and I sat down and said we would plan on waiting until the fall or winter to start trying for a second baby, well mid May we concieved this little Peanut! We wouldn't change it for anything and really are looking forward to having two children about 15 months apart!

Ryan has been gone since Thursday night at a Nascar Race with his Dad and some friends and i have figured out one thing this weekend. I would never be able to handle being a single mom! I'm exausted, working on about 15 or 16 hours of sleep total and to top it off morning sickness aka all day sickness has fully set in!

This week I'll post our baby names for all of you to weigh in on! (I just have to wait until Ryan's home to go over them again with me!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 months

Well I know I'm a slacker in the blogging department, I'm trying to get better I promise! Landyn turned 7 months today, at 12:05pm to be exact! He's still not sleeping through the night and on average gets up at least 3-4 times. I know, you think I'm joking. But nope I'm not! Last night I got the idea that maybe he is just too warm at night so I put him to bed in his adorable Bum Genius cloth diaper and a onesie... he slept 8:30-12:30 and then went back to sleep until 5. Unfortunately he wet through his diaper, which in turn leaked all over my bed sheets. So after a quick change of sheets and Landyn, Ryan took him downstairs so I could get some more sleep. I love it when Ryan lets me sleep in!!! (he's very good to me with letting me do this on a fairly regular basis, which makes me love him even more!)

Today Landyn finally mastered sitting up, I still can't walk away from him because our dog, Tucker, likes to sniff him or piles his bones behind him and then when Landyn falls backwards he hits his head on the bones. Major problem, I know! Tucker doesn't always realize he's 70 pounds... he still thinks he's a little puppy!

We went to the park this afternoon with my mom and a couple of the kids she watches. Landyn and Sarah (whos 9 months) play together fairly well. Landyn has to be the brute and steal all the toys from her but she's bigger than him so I'm fairly certain she could take him on with all her cute mama milk making fatness! We put them in the swing together and they loved it, Sarah even smiled! (this is a very rare occurance. She's completely opposite of Landyn, who smiles all the time!)

Tomorrow I will upload some pictures from today because apparently blogger doesn't like me tonight. I promise!