Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lots of Pictures

I'm just going to post a bunch of new pictures of my little bean! Enjoy!I LOVE this smile!!!He totally hated the hat... getting ready for the melt down! Below is his first time in his bumbo chair... yup he's on top of the dog crate! haha oh well i just stuck him in there real quick for this picture... he needs a little more time before he can be in for more than 30 seconds!
Tummy time in his room... yup he usually cries but we keep trying! He does it with Daddy most mornings and does great! He just doesn't like his momma!He is always sticking his tounge out at me! Probably because I laugh and snap a pic everytime!

Monday, January 19, 2009

First Smiles and 10 week pics!

Well it finally happened, Landyn let out a huge full face smile...at the dog!!!! At least I got it on camera! I'll post it at the end. On the 6th I took Landyn in for his 2 month check-up and he was 12pounds 2oz and 23 1/2 inches long. He's a big boy! Hopefully soon we will start sleeping more and eating more at a time! Landyn is a snacker! It's funny because when we are out and about and people ask me if he is a good baby my answer is usually no! It catches most people by surpise because a normal mother would just say yes and go on with it but I'm not going to lie to people, he's a pretty fussy baby that really likes his mama! Not that I mind that of course but sometimes I would like a break and for Landyn to let his daddy take care of him! We were all excited to finally transition him to his crib and get him out of our bed... but 2 weeks later his crib was recalled so Landyn is back to sleeping with us! yah!! Although it does make night nursing soo much easier! I can just roll over, latch him on and go back to sleep! I usually wake up an hour or so later and he's sound asleep next to me! Since for some reason this is not letting me make more paragraphs I'm going to do some picture overloading! Here are some of my favorites from the last week or so!
Here is Landyn's big smile at Tucker! I'm so jealous!!
I have yet to figure out what's he's doing with his mouth but I love his eyes in this one!
Standing up on Daddy's belly, he loves to stand up and then squat... like he's jumping!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Crazy Holidays

Well since it's been forever since I posted my first blog I figure I should probably post again, haha it's easier said than done while having a baby attached to you nursing all day!! Christmas was crazy as always. It's harder to please everyone once you get married and even harder when you have a baby! Everyone wants to see my little monkey and spend time with him which I understand but sometimes I just want to hold my own baby and when he's crying PLEASE GIVE HIM BACK TO ME!!! grr.. okay now that I'm done with my Christmas frustrations, it was really nice to have everyone be so generous with their gifts for Landyn and the two of us. My parents of course went all out and got him some super cute toys and a copy of the same book they read to me when I was little so that I could start reading it to Landyn, (haven't gotten that far yet but there is always another day!) Ryans family also got stuff for Landyn, even his aunts did! I am so thankful that everyone thought of him! At my parents Tucker even had something in his stocking from Santa, a new bone and a new rope! Thanks Santa!!

On New Years Eve we took Landyn to his first Green Bay Gamblers Game (local hockey team) and he was soo good there! The Gambler's won 6 to 4 and we had a great time there with my parents (thanks mom and dad for taking us!!) The best part of the whole thing though was the fact that Landyn slept from 10-3 and 4-8!!! thats the best night we've ever had and I'm just waiting for it to happen again... didn't happen last night. Maybe soon my son will learn to sleep!! (haha I doubt it, I could never be that lucky!)

Here's some recent pics of the little man who turned 8 weeks on tuesday!!

Yesterday in his supercute baby Gap overalls! Which I'm glad I dug out because they are not going to fit him much longer!

If you can't quite read his shirt it says "I don't need misletoe... to get kisses"

Landyn and I at my parents on Christmas morning after church.