Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleep or lack there of

Okay so apprently my little man is going through his 4 month growth spurt a couple of weeks early! We went to the doctor last week Thursday for an ear infection and it cleared up really quickly with a dose of antibiotics. Problem is he just kept crying even though his ears were clear. I finally figured out he just wants to eat at lest once an hour! Granted this has done wonders for my supply which I am very grateful for but getting about 8 hours of sleep total in a 48 hour period does not work for me! Landyn hasn't had a bottle of formula or juice since Monday, which to some might seem like no big deal but to a mom who has even tried prescription medicine to get my supply up, which I had a very very bad reaction too, this is the best thing that can happen! Landyn is back to being a normal pooper so no more suppositories in this house!!! I will post updated pictures very soon!

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  1. I want to say YAY! but I know getting hardly any sleep is a bummer. But at least you figured it out and no more formula for him! :))