Thursday, July 1, 2010


If you know me in real life it's no suprise that we are a babywearing family, Lilly is usually strapped to my chest. If I'm out with the 2 kiddos by myself you can fine me walking around with Landyn on my back and Lilly on my front. I have a variety of carriers, an Ergo (gets used a lot!), 2 ring slings, a mei tai (not a huge fan, i want a new one with longer straps!), 1 woven wrap (really starting to love this one!) and a stretchy wrap (which I used daily until recently, I should get it back out before Lilly outgrows it!)

I'm just going to post some recent pictures we have with our carriers and then I'll take pictures of the rest of them and make another post!

Yes i realize this is a repeat but I wanted to show off my favorite stretchy wrap, The Sugar Sweet Baby Bamboo Wrap, it rocks! :)

Landyn and Daddy walking through Underwater World (Ergo)

Old school picture from last fall with Landyn in the ring sling! he loves that thing!

The 2 kids and I at the zoo (yes i know he's attacking her head, he was melting!) Lilly is in my newest carrier, a Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Sling

The 2 kids and I in front of the Giraffes at the zoo, Lilly is in the Ergo

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  1. hilarious. i totally posted a post about baby wearing today too!! :0)