Tuesday, January 19, 2010

36 weeks!!!

How far along? 36 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: 4 pound gain- same as the last couple weeks!

Maternity clothes? Yes. never really stopped wearing them

Stretch marks? my belly looks like a road map

Best moment this week: just laying in bed rubbing my belly and talking to Lillyanna. she is going to be here very soon and i will miss being pregnant soo much!

Movement: she's still pretty active, starting to slow a bit but that's because there isn't much room for her in there anymore!

Food cravings: this bean salsa my friend Rachel made for my shower, she sent it home and i've been eating it constantly!

Gender: baby girl!

Labor Signs: cervix is 2-2.5cm dialated, 60% effaced now we are just waiting for the contractions to have a pattern and get stronger!

Belly Button in or out? still in!

What I miss: being able to sleep which isn't going to happen for a long time!

What I am looking forward to: meeting this baby girl! we are finally starting to get everything ready for her here!

Weekly Wisdom: ummm...i've got nothing. sorry!

Milestones: Lillyanna weighs just under 6lbs and is about 18.5 inches long!

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