Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Well folks it's that time again, Not Me Monday! has arrived. MckMama is back at it! yay! here we go...

I did not cry all day Monday because it was my son's 6 month birthday and he's growing up but mostly because Aunt Flow came back for the first time which means I'm not pregnant yet... I would never be that crazy to want another child already and be slightly jealous that Amanda and Marge both are!

I would never blog about something as personal as my monthly cycle... Nope! Not me!

I am not so lazy that I didn't even link their blogs for you either...

I did not decide that somethings gotta change in the sleep department in my house and start a new idea... and no I'm not going to share it with you at this moment because I'm not quite sure it's working yet...

I did not make the most amazing cake yesterday... Mt. Dew cake! It is not super yummy and sweet... I am not eating a piece at 10:30am!

I am not super excited that Landyn is sleeping in his crib and it's officially been 35 minutes now... this wouldn't bethe longest nap he's ever taken in his crib!

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  1. oh honey if six months hit you hard just wait til four years old!! that was the hardest for me yet!! i understand the slight jealousy thing, but know that it all works out in time. we don't see the big picture, but god does.