Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

So it's been months since I've done Not me! Monday. I'm just being a blog slacker. I have no excuses, well besides a crawling child who is into EVERYTHING and the fact that I'm lazy. Yup I said it, I'm lazy. Onto bigger and better things, here goes. If you'd like to join in the fun head on over to
MckMama's blog!

I did not spend 15 minutes yesterday making a guest list for Landyn's first birthday party.

Said birthday list is not 136 people long (including kids) that would be crazy, who would have that big of a party for a 1st birthday, Not me!

After making said list I did not make another list of the people I knew wouldn't come, which would not bring that list below 100.

And after making that 2nd list I did not make a 3rd list of the people I think would actually come and that list would never have gone down to about 60.

I would never spend time thinking about all of this when his party is 2 days shy of 3 months away, who has time for that? Not me!

I would also never be looking into somewhere to have it because my house is huge and there is pleanty of room for everyone, nope not my house!

I also did not start looking into birthday decorations and change my mind 4 times about the theme. I always make decisions right away and I never change my mind at least 10 times before I actually make a decision. I also would never wake my husband up from his nap to ask him about this decision either. Not me!

I am not a nervous wreak for my ultrasound tomorrow either, Nope! Not me!


  1. This is a halarious! I was the same way on Elaines first birthday.....after the 4th one...we are trying to debate if we even invite people and if we do, do we feed them? Can't I just throw a cake on the table with a #1 candle in, take some pics and call it a day?!?! AND if not, why the heck not??? I of course will have BD my house, with just cake and food. I am not wasting one single extra cent on something that I so don't need. Not on my small budget right now.

  2. You know I didn't know who you were talking about for a party on FB until later on in the conversation of other commenters and I thought it was for like your husband or maybe mom or dad....

    I would be going crazy if I tried to invite that many people to Lincoln's party.... I am going to have one, but it will be small. I can't decide on a theme yet... good luck with the planning!!!

  3. How fun! I can't wait to plan B's first birthday! And me? No, I'm totally NOT thinking about it already! =)

  4. oh my gosh that IS a big birthday party!! :)