Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Okay it's that time again folks! Not Me! Monday! has arrived! If your interested in what this blog carnival is all about head on over to MckMama's blog and read all about it!

I did not get extrememly excited about my best friend coming to stay here for the weeekend! She is notthe most amazing person in the whole world and we, including Landyn, were not thrilled to have her stay with us! Nope! Not us!

I did not finally finish Landyn's nursery today. Nope it soo did not take me the second half of my pregnancy and another 4 months to do so! Nope! Not me!

I did not go to Kohls and spend an outragous amount of money on a Rachael Ray Cookware set and be completely in love with it before I even used it for the first time! Nope! Not me!

I did not start looking up plane tickets and planning my trip to Omaha that is not until June where Landyn and I get to meet Megan and Carson! Nope! Not me! I would never fly to a different state to meet an internet/blogging buddy!

I did not take my son to the ER this weekend because he apparently had a ingrown toenail that was infected, which I didn't notice. I would never miss something that big and then have to spend a ton of money at the ER. Nope! Not me!

I am not sitting here eating dry Kix cereal for breakfast! Nope! Not me!

What about you? What did you not do this week??


  1. Great Not Me's!! I got a set of Racheal Ray pots for Christmas and I LOVE them!! I like to eat dry cereal for snack sometimes...especially the extra sugary ones!! Have a great week!

  2. Hello neighbor! Found you through MckMama, but I am only 45 minutes away from Appleton! And my parents live there! Just wanted to say hi...we plan on wearing flip flops today since it is supposed to be a balmy 52 degrees!

  3. love the list. i love rr pots and pans. i was on her show and won them from her!! i love kix dry, berry kix are better!! hope landyn's toe gets better!! and we don't even have dustin's room STARTED! you're way ahead my friend!

  4. Awww! That's great that you're going to meet Megan & Carson! :) How fun is that going to be?!?!