Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here goes

So I finally decided to start a blog, i've been thinking about it for awhile and well here goes. Life has changed a lot for Ryan and I and we are loving every minute of it! (well okay maybe not the getting up every 2 hours at night and the poopy diapers, haha!) Landyn is now almost 7 weeks old and when people say kids grow up fast they really do! I went to mom's club up at the hospital on wednesday and weighed the little man and with a dry diaper on he weighs 9 pounds 13 ounces already!! He's growing out of his 0-3 month onzies in the arms and in length but he's still got quite a bit of room in the width, he's tall and skinny! The exact opposite of his mommy! We've started calling him chunky because he's getting rolls on his thighs and has a double chin now! It's crazy to me how much my world revolves around him and his needs. Most days I'm lucky if I get a shower before 4 pm or eat before 2pm. I just never know how long he's going to sleep, hopefully soon we will get more of a schedule going on! I'm off to get him ready for his first time going to church, hopefully I can convince Ryan we should go! haha!


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog! Glad that you started it.

  2. Haha Riley has a double chin now and rolls on her legs. Its crazy how much they've grown!

    I'm excited you have a blog now and I can't wait to read it:)